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Artist: Anathallo
Song: The River
Album: Canopy Glow
Tabbed by: Don Tago
Email: recebedou@yahoo.com

Standard Tuning: [capo III]

Chords used:
D: 000232
G: 320003

Intro/verse tab w/chords: (some variation within verses)
   D6 (xx04xx@1)                       Ge|---2---2---2---2-----2---2----3---3---3---3-----3---3-| (320003@1)B|---3-----3-----3-3-----3------0-----0-----0-0-----0---|

Intro: play intro tab x3 (or just play chords)

Verse 1 chords:
D6 (xx04xx@1)                    GHigh (320003@1)water carried her down stream
D6 (xx04xx@1)                    GShe (320003@1)watched the water's living things
D6 (xx04xx@1)                     GShe (320003@1)thought, it's not a mound with six planks of wood
D6The (xx04xx@1)cardinal points to hold you up
Or a mountain where a shed self could

Verse 2 chords: (repeat x2)
D6 (xx04xx@1)                         GFeed (320003@1)the roots and honor the tongues of the animals
D6 (xx04xx@1)                    GDrift (320003@1)into the moss and bloat where the peat bog pulls

Interlude: play intro tab x3 (or just play chords)

Verse 3: (use verse 1 chords)
Rolled like a felled tree with arms as useless as such
Death's panic came, a calmness stayed, you couldn't do much
Just watch the water chip away at the bank eroding
Cut and crumbling through the spate

Verse 4 chords:
D6 (xx04xx@1)                   GIt (320003@1)took a father, it covered his daughter
         D6 (xx04xx@1)        GTook (320003@1)her down, down, down
         D6 (xx04xx@1)            
With the glass bottles, books, a tire
          G (320003@1)                D6Collected (xx04xx@1)hair tufts in the weeds
                                             G (320003@1)     DSnagged (xx0232@1)and wrapped in the peats dammed and trapped

Chorus Chords: (repeat x3)
D (xx0232@1)                     
You said, is this the ceremony?
                           GI (320003@1)don't know, well I don't mind

The way we all fall in and roll down
                                        DPushed (xx0232@1)through the veins and trafficked byes
                                                        GAnd (320003@1)when your ears sit underhead is half submerged down below
                                                          DPooling (xx0232@1)all accounts of peace while passed beneath the canopy glow
    G (320003@1)          D (xx0232@1)         Gcanopy (320003@1)glow, canopy glow, canopy glow

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