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Here i present you the chords of Angelica, the song from Anathema.
I worked on it and tried to figure out how it goes. 

Please contact me if you see any mistake ancelikaculi@mynet.com

P.S. -d* (030050)


Em, Am, C, D (4 Times)

Em, D, Am, G/D, C (2 Times)

Em, Am, D
Where are you tonight?
Em, C, D*
Wild flower in starlit heaven
Em, Am, D
Still enchanted in flight
Em, C, D*
Obsessions lament to freedom

A Timeless word, the meanings changed
But I'm still burning in your flames
Incessant, lustral masquerade
Unengaged, dim lit love didn't taste the same

And I wonder if you ever wonder the same
And I still wonder

Have Fun...
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