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    Alternative 4

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Am (x02210@1)                   EmAs (022000@1)I drift away... far away from you,
Am (x02210@1)                  EmI (022000@1)feel all alone in a crowded room,
FThinking (133211@1)to myself
            Dm"There's (xx0231@1)no escape from this
Ffear (133211@1)regret
Dmloneliness..." (xx0231@1)
AmVisions (x02210@1)of love and hate
                        DmA (xx0231@1)collage behind my eyes
AmRemnants (x02210@1)of dying laughter
                     DmEchoes (xx0231@1)of silent cries

AmI (x02210@1)wish I didn't know now that
        EmI (022000@1)never knew then...
AmFlashback (x02210@1)                   EmMemories (022000@1)punish me once again
FSometimes (133211@1)I remember all the pain
Dmthat (xx0231@1)I have seen.
F (133211@1)                     DmSometimes (xx0231@1)I wonder what might
have been...

Visions of love and hate
A collage behind my eyes
Remnants of dying laughter
Echoes of silent cries

AmAnd (x02210@1)sometimes I despair
            DmAt (xx0231@1)who I've become
AmI (x02210@1)have to come to terms
               DmWith (xx0231@1)what I've done

AmThe (x02210@1)bittersweet taste of fate
                    DmWe (xx0231@1)can't outrun the past
AmDestined (x02210@1)to find an answer
                    DmA (xx0231@1)strength I never lost
FI (133211@1)know there is a way,
GMy (320003@1)future is not set,
FFor (133211@1)the tide has turned
C (x32010@1)                          EmBut (022000@1)still I never learned to live
           Amwithout (x02210@1)regret
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