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GBreaking (320003@1)out of my

Dpigeon (xx0232@1)coop

GI'm (320003@1)flying free,

DI'm (xx0232@1)gonna cut loose, of my

Cpigeon (x32010@1)coop, my funky

Gpigeon (320003@1)coop,

CI'm (x32010@1)gonna get funky,

GI'm (320003@1)gonna cut loose....

2nd verse: Flying free, with the birds and the bees
           Flying high, in the October Sky
           with my pigeon friends, my funky pigeon friends,,,


Part 2 (the return back to the coop after traveling the world)
  "fly home, go home.."

3rd Verse: I saw China, I saw Japan
           I saw India, and I saw Siam,
           but I missed my coop, my pigeon coop...

4th Verse: (slow down) Locked away, for the rest of the day,
                       Fun in the sky has gone bye-bye..
                       of my pigeon flight...(outro)

Main riff:           Outro:

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