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    A Perfect Tourniquet

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    New Surrender (UK Versi...

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Anberlin - A Perfect Tourniquet

I'm not to sure of the Bridge Or the Spanish part But if you Figere them out please 
me at ( uriasaguilar160@gmail.com ) /Or/ add me on
facebook theres my email..

Tuning Standard
 [E B G D A E]

G Asus4 Bm F#m

I'm not sure
If you can call this romance
You see we've changed since the start
Even together
We're distant lonely and apart
But we both look the other way
Pretend we still believe it
When they say


G Asus4 Bm
I guess that's why they call this love
F#m G
Sadly unpredictable
G Asus4 Bm
And I guess that's why they call this love
F#m D
Fate and fatal

[Verse]:2(same as 1)--G Asus Bm F#m G

My heart doesn't beat
As fast as it once did
I would sever these ties
But you're the perfect tourniquet
Tell me darling
Should we look the other way
When they say


Its getting hard to stay
But even harder to let go
And tell me now darling
Is this how we thought love was meant to go

Viva, viva communique
Donde, Donde estara? a Donde se fue?

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