• Song:

    Human Kittens

  • Artist:

    Andrew Jackson Jihad

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The tab that up here was in another key or something, and it wasn't even correct in that
key.  I believe, so I figured I'd submit this.  Another simple song
from AJJ, yet surprisingly moving.  Enjoy.

Artist:  Andrew Jackson Jihad
Album:   Only God Can Judge Me
Tabber:  Michael McElligott

Intro:  G  (play primarily the bottom three strings, and then once he does a little
sweep of the top strings, just listen).

I knew a woman once
giving birth to kittens and mice
    C                       Em
And as you know, with their eating habbits
       C                D
Those poor mice had to die

So the kittens were born
full of their brothers and sisters
     C                    Em
And they were punished swiftly
            C             D
though they did not know why

Em    C                G
They thought they were food
Em            C                G
they did not know what they'd done

And I was a person once
sending off unread letters
  C            Em
receiving no reply
        C               D
never bothering asking why

I had a heart once
full of fire and passion
          C             Em          C   D
but the summer took it away from me

     Em         C        G
And autumn has come to retrieve it
 Em         C          G
Autumn has come to retrieve it

And I was a man once
When I was six years old
     C              Em
but now I am just a boy
    C                      D
pretentious and brash and bold

The kittens were murdered
thrown into burlap sacks
    C                   Em
and weighted down with rocks
     C               D
in a river deep and black

    Em    C         G
And th - ey went to Heaven.
Em   C          G
Th - ey went to Heaven.


*Brief Note*  In the beginning of each verse, when you go from G to Am, then to C
(I knew a woman once...and as you know), during that jump from the Am to the C, the
bass plays A - B - C.  Listening closely to the recording, you can make it out.
If you don't have a bass player and would like to imitate that sound, place a
C/B chord (a C chord with C in the bass in between Am and C, right before C.
That's all.

I'm tabbing this without a G string on my acoustic, so I hope it sounds fine (shouldn't
make a difference).  Enjoy and keep supporting AJJ...incredible band that shows just
how much simple chords can do.
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