• Song:

    Power Plant

  • Artist:

    Andrew Jackson Jihad

***Let (X) represent when you "slap" or "hit" your guitar***

Intro: C F C G (X) C F C G (X)

      C                F                   C               G    (X)
The drugs you do were made by people who think in dollar signs,

      C             F             C                           G   (X)
and that's not very punk of you, maybe you should change your mind, 

    Am   (X)    E        (X)
reconsider the whole deal.

      C               F         C            G        (X)     
And maybe we like to criticize more than we construct,

      C                 F       C                      G        (X)
and maybe that's not healthy, maybe that's just plain fucked up,

         Am   (X)         E         (X)      C       F
but at least we're saying something,

       Am   (X)   E            (X)       C        F
and i hope that no one is listening,

         Am  (X)    E          (X)       C        F
because this is kind of embarrassing,

       Am       (X)          E              (X)         C        F
and everyone who hears it thinks that we're joking.

      C                  F                 C                   G      (X)
And maybe we weren't put on this earth to rape and pillage and ravage,

         C            F             C           G      (X)
because God created puppy dogs and God created kittens,

         Am (X)  E            (X)      C       F
and our love creates a power plants

     Am(X)E (X)             C       F
that generates this world,

     Am (X)     E (X)      C        C
and if we stop now 

            Am (X)  E  (X)                 C        F        C        G
then we'll just disappear into oblivion 

The timing is not not spot on for some of the chords.  So your best bet is just to 
listen to the song. The same can be said for the strum pattern.
Hopefully though, this will give you a general idea of how to play the song. 

Credit to HP for showing me how to play this.
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