• Song:

    Running To Our Savior

  • Artist:

    Andy Cherry

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Running to Our Savior
Andy Cherry

I was listening closely, and it sounds about as accurate as it could be. I love 
this song, and I hope these chords work out for you!

Capo 2
*use verse chords as the intro*

Verse 1:
          Am        G/B C
Where the lilies of the field
Dm      Am     F
Covered by the sun
      Am          G/B C
Where sparrows of the air
Dm     Am     F
Lifted by His love

Dm  Am  G                    Dm
Oo, oo, oo, seasons come and go
Am         G
He is ever closer

   F        C            G
To take the last breathe here
      F     C          Am       G
Is to leave behind the tears we cry
     F       C       G
With nothing left to fear
      F    C       Am  G
We?ll run into our Savior

Verse 2: *Repeat Verse 1 chords*
Oh, the mystery of His ways, We cannot explain
Still we hold fast to His word, All is not in vain.

Pre-Chorus 2: *Same Pre-Chorus chords*
Oo, oo, oo, hold onto this hope
He is ever closer

Dm  Am  G                    Dm
            Seasons come and go
Am         G
He is ever close
Dm  Am  G                   Dm
            We are welcomed home
    Am               G
And home is with our Savior
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