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Song: I Never See You
Artist: Andy Davis
Album: Thinks of Her

This is a relatively easy tab, although Andy includes some more intricate
guitar work that can be figured out by picking around with the barred
version of the chords.

Verse Chords:
Em: 022000
Bm: X24432
A: X02220
Asus4: X02230

Chorus Chords:
Em: X79987
Bm: 799777
A: 577655
G: 320033

1st Verse:
Em              Bm              A 
        Thank God, thank God you’re okay, I could’ve lost you
Em              Bm              A               Asus4    A
        You had me afraid
Em              Bm              A
        You know when you’re still away, the thoughts in my head, the nails in my bed
Em              Bm              A               Asus4    A
        Keep me awake

                Em      Bm          A
        Did you see           how close my feet were to the edge
                 Em     Bm          A
When you came to me,          oh do you love?  
               Em                   Bm       A
Do you see that you say that you’re not leaving,
                        Em       G           A
I want to believe it’s true, but I never see you.

2nd Verse:
Your voice is only a tease, it never seems to calm my agony,
And though I’m a man of faith, it’s hard to believe in what you can’t see
When you’re gone away.

Repeat chorus, instrumental (same chords), then chorus again.

Tabbed by: Aaron Lane
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