• Song:

    Freddys Backroom

  • Artist:

    Andy Friedman

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tabbed by: Mike Bacon
email: mmmbacon914@gmail.com


There weren't any lyrics online, so I had to listen myself. If you have any corrections 
for the parts I couldn't understand,a comment or email would be appreciated.

Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

This strumming pattern is repeated throughout the whole song

1 2+3+4+1 2+3+4+
G (320003@1)             C (x32010@1)             D (xx0232@1)             G--333333--333333--000000--000000--222222--222222--333333--333333|| (320003@1)--333333--333333--111111--111111--333333--333333--333333--333333||

GI (320003@1)took a walk down to Freddy's Bar

CWhile (x32010@1)my wife and kid were asleep

DI (xx0232@1)used to go there almost every night

GWhen (320003@1)I was young and free

GNot (320003@1)that I'm unfairly constrained

CHeld (x32010@1)against my will

DBut (xx0232@1)this is back when it didn't matter

GWhat (320003@1)time I stayed out until

G (320003@1)                                          CNow (x32010@1)it matters, because my son gets me up at 5am each day

D (xx0232@1)                                              GAnd (320003@1)you don't argue with someone who's got their finger in your eye

GFreddy's (320003@1)has a backroom

CTo (x32010@1)play music in, or to listen

D (xx0232@1)                                                GBuzzers (320003@1)on the wall beneath icing thick paint that dates back to prohibition

G (320003@1)                                                  CTin (x32010@1)ceilings bear that wedding cake pattern that the stage lights interrupt

D (xx0232@1)                                               GPair (320003@1)of TV's playing day-long video collages that Donald dreamed up

GDonald (320003@1)runs the place

CHe (x32010@1)gave me a shot on the way in the other night

DHe (xx0232@1)always does,and he always did

GIt's (320003@1)what makes Freddy's feel right

G (320003@1)                                            CWhenever (x32010@1)I'm on the fence, about whether that walk is just too far

DI (xx0232@1)think about what night it is

GAnd (320003@1)whether it's Donald's night at the bar

GWhen (320003@1)they move the pool tables out of the way

CAnd (x32010@1)the TV's lose their glow

DThey (xx0232@1)start playing music in Freddy's Backroom

GAnd (320003@1)the people start to show

GYou (320003@1)could be a sharp backup singer

CWho (x32010@1)smells like coconut

DOr (xx0232@1)avant-garde Jersey Jazz trio

GWho (320003@1)by day smells like Pizza Hut

G (320003@1)                                                           CEverything (x32010@1)outta that back room sounds like its coming out of an old tube radio

DEither (xx0232@1)out by the curb or by the kitchen sink

GAnd (320003@1)mean to play what Freddy's got

GMy (320003@1)favorite record cover, or one of em, anyway,

CIs (x32010@1)Jerry Jeff Walker

D"It's (xx0232@1)a Good Night for Singin"

GAnd (320003@1)the Backroom sorta reminds me of that cover

GYou (320003@1)got people laughing, people dancing

CPeople (x32010@1)with funny hats

DSome (xx0232@1)in denim, some in leather

GOr (320003@1)Fort Park Boy-high-low aristocrats(?)

GYeah, (320003@1)The back room reminds me of that cover

CIn (x32010@1)every way, by and large

DWhen (xx0232@1)I threw down that shot
                                GI (320003@1)started thinking about how Freddy's is going to be a parking garage

G (320003@1)                                                                    CYep, (x32010@1)someday soon there'll be something in the space that occupies the

bubbling fishtank

D (xx0232@1)                                            GMaybe (320003@1)a tailpipe or a row of fluorescent lights

GA (320003@1)styrofoam cup

COr (x32010@1)a pair of keys hanging from a Dickies belt-loop

D (xx0232@1)                                            GSome (320003@1)fastfood trash, or maybe a staircase, or a bright yellow mazda coupe

G (320003@1)                                             CSomeday (x32010@1)soon there'll be something in the place where Freddy himself is sure to show

D (xx0232@1)                                                         GA (320003@1)wax statue at the end of the bar drinking Fontera like it was just opened 2 weeks ago

GThe (320003@1)Ram's skeleton above the bar in the powder blue wig

COr (x32010@1)the dented paper towel dispenser

DThe (xx0232@1)pink ladies' room sign

GAnd (320003@1)the naked man painting by Donald out near the exit

GMaybe (320003@1)the garage will have showers for their workers

C (x32010@1)                                            DAnd (xx0232@1)a real naked man will fit right into that space

GMaybe (320003@1)Freddy's prediction...

GAll (320003@1)it makes room for is songs like these

CSometimes (x32010@1)there's no positive inner meaning

DAll (xx0232@1)it makes room for is songs like these

Gand (320003@1)"It's a Good Night for Singin" x2

Let's sing

GThey're (320003@1)gonna tear down Freddy's

CThey're (x32010@1)gonna tear down Hank's saloon

D (xx0232@1)				  GLike (320003@1)crickets under rocks, we're all gonna hop to Bennigan's backroom x4
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