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Stranger on the Shore:Andy Williams.
(Acker Bilk did this one first as an
 instrumental and hit #1 in '62.
 Williams did the lyrical version and
 Got to # 38 the same year).


F      Gm7   C7 F        C7  F7      Bb  Bbm
Here I stand... watching the tide go out.
   F     Dm7     G7
So all alone and blue,
     Gm7                C7
just dreaming dreams of you.

  F            Gm7  C7 F  C7     F7     Bb  Bbm
I watched your ship as it sailed out to sea,
F      Dm7    Am
taking all my dreams,
F7  Bb     C7-9   F  F7
and taking all of me.

Bb             F
The sighing of waves,
    Gm7     C7-9 C7  F
the wailing of   the wind,
F7  Bb               Am
the tears in my eyes burn..
     G7             G7-9  Gm7  C7    
Pleading, "My love, re....turn."

F        Gm7 C7   F C7 F7      Bb   Bbm
Why, oh, why must I go on like this?
      F      Dm   Am  F7 Bb6      C7-5   F      Gm7 C7 F
Shall I just be a lonely stranger on the shore?



A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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