• Song:

    Always Getting Over You

  • Artist:

    Angela Ammons

  • Album:

    Angela Ammons

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this song is on the soundtrack of the movie "American pie 2"
i didn't find any tab of Angela ammons (www.angelaammons.com/) on the internet so i
do it myself. this is just the chords....i didn't have the time to find the picking
of the intro....

so.... here it is...

chords :

B    (x24442)
F#   (244322)
Gm   (355333)
E    (022100)

Verse :

B                    F#
Was it not enough stimulation
Gm                            E                                B
Hit by a brick the other day, just when I thought that I’m okay
B                      F#
Didn't like my conversation
I can't come up with something new
E                                 B
It doesn't really matter what I do

B                      F#
So here’s my observation
You could never see it through my eyes
And I’m too tired to try

Chorus :

B                              F#
So don’t call and say you’re coming back to me
Gm                       E
It don't mean nothing I’m always getting over you
B                        F#
And don’t lie and say you’re over me 
Gm                        E
It don’t mean nothing I’m always getting over you
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