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From: Russell & Charlie [roemcs@melb.alexia.net.au]
Sent: Monday, January 26, 1998 5:39 AM

Song: Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again
By: Angels
Transcribed by: Russell Edwards roemcs@melb.alexia.net.au

Riff in Intro & Break:
E ------------9-------9-------9------|
B ------10-12---10------10------10---|
G -9-11-------------9-------9------9-|

E ------------9-------9--------------|
B ------10-12---10------10----10-----|
G -9-11-------------9-------9--------|

[E]Went down to Santa Fe
Where Renoir paints the walls
Described you clearly
But the sky began to fall

Am I [A]ever gonna see your face a[E]gain
Am I [A]ever gonna see your face a[E]gain

Trams, cars and taxis
Little waxworks on the move
Carry young girls past me
But none of them are you


[B]Without you near me
I [A]got no place to [E]go
[B]Wait at the bar
[A]Maybe you might show


I've got to stop these tears
That's falling from my eye
Go walk out in the rain
So no one sees me cry




[B]Can't stop the memory
That goes [A]climbing through my [E]brain
[B]I get no answers
So the [A]questions still remains

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