• Song:

    Epic Holiday

  • Artist:

    Angels And Airwaves

These two intro riffs eventually overlap each other, so if you are playing
 by yourself you just have to decide when you want to switch to the other
 one. Riff one is played at the start and by time it has been played two
 times the riff two starts building up in sound until it overpowers the
 first riff.

Intro (riff 1):
e ---------------------------|   
B ---------------------------|   
G ---------------------------|
D ---------------------------|   x2
A -2~~~2s4~~~4s6~~~6s7-------|
E ---------------------------|

Figure out the strum pattern on this by listening to it. In between each set
 of slides and the first chord you strum and scratch the chord to the

Intro (riff 2):
e ---------------------------|   
B ---------------------------|   
G -4---4s6---6s8---8s9-------|
D -x---xxx---xxx---xxx-------|   x2
A -2---2s4---4s6---6s7-------|
E ---------------------------|

Just use power chords so that C#m is really just C# - sounds the best. The
 only thing I'm pretty uncertain on is the G#m chord, I think it could be
 played as an Eb/D#, just fyi.

Verse 1:
                   BAnd (x2444x@1)the brightest sign
             C#mIs (x13321@4)full of holes
             G#m (133111@4)                  EIs (022100@1)full of pain, loss, violent criminals
               BWith (x2444x@1)a little fate
                  C#mAnd (x13321@4)the worst of lies
               G#m (133111@4)With a love so deep
           E (022100@1)                BIt's (x2444x@1)warm with endless fire inside
Go right back to the line


              BEvery (x2444x@1)single day
              C#mEvery (x13321@4)nine to five
           G#mEvery (133111@4)body works it hard
                     EAnd (022100@1)then we finally die
                  BAnd (x2444x@1)there's no remorse
                  C#mOr (x13321@4)the slightest sound
              G#m (133111@4)                                   EWe're (022100@1)forever cool with the way it all breaks up and down

               BLet's (x2444x@1)start a riot! 
       C#mNobody's (x13321@4)right
       G#mNobody's (133111@4)wrong
               ELife's (022100@1)just a game
                            BIt's (x2444x@1)just one epic holiday
However this
          G#mTakes (133111@4)us along
         ETake (022100@1)us away
It's just one epic holiday

(Intro riff 2 x2)

               BOn (x2444x@1)the Sunday rain
               C#mLike (x13321@4)a lonely ghost
               G#m (133111@4)                                   EAnd (022100@1)the furthest point from here is right outside the door
              BOpen (x2444x@1)up your eyes
                 C#mTake (x13321@4)a breath at will
                  G#m (133111@4)                              EAnd (022100@1)the sun is still alive even though it's hard to tell

(Chorus x2)

           BNobody's (x2444x@1)right
           C#mNobody's (x13321@4)wrong
              (play intro riff 2 x4)
Let's start a riot! 

(Chorus) and end on B

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