• Song:

    Saturday Love

  • Artist:

    Angels And Airwaves

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Angels And Airwaves - Saturday Love

use capo on 2nd fret

[A] Know that I can't tell you this light has slowly faded.
Like [F#m] mail that's never dated from towns still burned and raided.
And [E] lost without a soul, with you forever more.
I'm [A] sorry but I can't tell you I feel like a pattern
Of [F#m] shapes that will never matter, a color that will never flatter.
It's [E] all gonna' come around. It's all gonna' make your eyes burn.
I [A] really wanna' tell you that love is like a furnace, 
It [F#m] burns in and out of purpose, so hot that it makes me nervous.
So [E] large that it won't cool out, so big that it can't burn out.

I  [F#m] wait sixteen a [D] Saturday love.
My [A] heart beats fast and [Dsus2] faraway, love.
Your [F#m] eyes so pure, they [D] never grow up.
You [A] stay with me, we'll [Dsus2] never grow up, my [A] love.
A (x02220@1)          Esus4 (022200@1)      D (xx0232@1)name="chord_244222@1">F#m       Esus4 (022200@1)      D (xx0232@1)I [A] know that I can't tell you my mind is running circles.
My [F#m] eyes have begun to swirl, like death, but it's not as sterile.
I [E] ain't gonna' let you down. I ain't gonna' let you leave me.
I'm [A] sorry but I can't tell you about life, but it makes me crazy, 
So [[F#m] I just like to daydream, 'cause dreams only make me happy.
Will [E] you come along my love? Will you come along here with me?

Chorded by: Roithy
Email: ruthtan@live.com

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