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C5    F5    C5
Where you come from?
D#5      D5  C5
I hear an angel's song
C5            F5
It seems to be a call
A rush change of love
D#5     D5      C5
Take me through the storm

C5     F5    C5
When  you came from?
D#5    D5  C5
I far return so long
C5            F5
Spirit brought me life
A passion at first sight
D#5    D5  C5
And I hear my heart

In this dance around the isle
C#5                            G#5
Empty screams are all beyond the time
Then you come
Like an angel from the skies
Leases all my dreams
I wonder why
You are gone
         C5      C#5
Someday you'll return

(repetir os acordes da primeira parte)
Where do you come from?
Far away beyond
Virgin as a diamond
Precious like a child
And I hang my heart (repeat x5)

C5              F5         F5          G5
We've got to believe we'll join our lives
G5            E5        E5          C5
  Over the vengeance, treason of lies
We can be one
          G5  F5
We can restart
Forgive my mistakes
(Time will tell)
G5         F5
Forgive my mistakes
             F5      G#5
Since I arrive on the shore
                 G5         Eb5
I've seen all my [...] (Someday!)
                F5            G#5
A new chance brought from the source
     F5   G#5        Eb5
In a lease    of     life
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