• Song:

    Broken Brights

  • Artist:

    Angus And Julia Stone

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Angus Stone's new song
Simple down strokes on every beat, sounds best when played gently with the thumb 
and mostly the bottom strings.
My first tab so feed back is appreciated :)

Capo 2nd
relative to capo:

A (x02220@1)            Bb (x1333x@1)           C#e|---------| (x43121@1)   |---------|    |---------|      
B|----2----|    |----5----|    |----4----|       
G|----2----|x16 |----6----|x8  |----4----|x8   Repeated throughout the     
D|----2----|    |----6----|    |----4----|     whole song   
A|----0----|    |----4----|    |----2----| 
E|----0----|    |----4----|    |----2----|
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