• Song:

    Bird On A Buffalo

  • Artist:

    Angus Stone

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No Capo needed...
Standard tuning...Although I might be wrong... It may be a step down.

Mute bass E string with thumb.

The three chords ( F, Am and G7) are played throughout the song:

[ch]F[/ch] chord: When Angus plays this chord, the 'g' string (2nd fret)
he hammers on and off after a few beats of playing...
Hammer off when strumming up, Hammer on when strumming down)

e ----0------|
b ----1------|
g ----2(h)---|
d ----3------|
a ----3------|
E ----x------|

[ch]Am[/ch] chord:

e ----0------|
b ----1------|
g ----2------|
d ----2------|
a ----0------|
E ----x------|

[ch]G7[/ch] chord: (Not 100% sure if this is called a G7 chord or what...
but this is its structure)

e ----3------|
b ----1------|
g ----0------|
d ----0------|
a ----2------|
E ----3------|

Hope this helps :p
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