• Song:


  • Artist:

    Animal Collective

  • Album:

    Strawberry Jam

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A      D A
A      E A
A      D A
A      E A

E      D A
E      A D Bm A

A                     D   A
Had a white and black sheltie, 
                         E   A
had a name when we first got him
A                     D    A    
Shouldve taken better care of him
                 E A
though he had it o-kay
E                  D A    
Sorry when I get unruly,
         E                  A     D      A
when you carry on so much I get a little tired

I hope you get over your teething
it's not easy when you feel sick
He had a sprightly walk you'd like him when 
he'd keep up along your side
Wrap your peckers what he told us 
me and mike looked at each other
Like whoa what was that then

Derek never woke up at night
And in the morning he's ready to go
And he never had a voice like you
to scream when he wanted something
Should have been so much more willing
To help out with all the things
That a dog like you needed

A    A A   A A A A A
A    A A   A A A A A...

What do you
See when you
See inside of me

You can count
When you count
Count on me
What do you
See when you
See inside of me

(tabbed by shmortisborg)
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