• Song:

    I Remember Learning How To Dive

  • Artist:

    Animal Collective

  • Album:

    Prospect Hummer EP

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Tab: I Remember Learning How to Dive
Band: Animal Collective

Tuning: C#-F#-B-E-G#-C#
Basically, it's the standard tuning tuned down 3 steps


A  E  F#m
i remember
A   E    F#m   D  
learning how to dive
A        E
deep-end board
A     E   D
i was high.
E/G# A  E  F#m  A   E/G# D A 
i remember learning how to dive


A D  E  A
i just had to go
  D  E  A
to the end of the board
  D  E  A
i just had myself
  D  E  A
and go weeeeeeeee ??
  D  E  A
i just had to jump
  D  E  A
you just have to jump
  D  E  A
and touch the water
  D  E  A
with the end of your fingers

Repeat verse-chorus-verse

Chords used:

  A  E  F#m  D  E/G#  D
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