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ALO are a great band and this is a great song from their album 'Roses & Clover'
A lot of the chords are done on piano and synth with a few chords on electric guitar.
I would strongly recommend their albums.


Dm A F G Bb A Dm A Dm

Verse 1:

Standing on the stage struggling to get his instrument in tune

People throwing vegetables and calling him a fraud as they fall out of the room

         Dm        A            F  G
He awakes at night with the fear
                Dm        A       F  G
That this all might just disappear
               Dm     A        F  G
But it scares him just the same
     F                          A
To think that this could all remain 


                Dm   A            F 
Understanding why we do what we do
G                Dm        A                    
Why we put ourselves what we put ourselves through
F       G                 Dm       A            F 
When there's no longer comfort in your comfort zone
        F                  A
You feel like you're all alone

Self-absorption, never ending

Steals the truth, it keeps on bending

Feel like I'm pretending to be something that I'm not

I've got to smooth it like Al Green

Be Funky like JB

Then stand up on my own two feet and learn how to be me
I'm contradicting myself
I'm stealing from the past
               Dm                                 Bb
I'm trying to slow it down because it feels like it's too fast
And I'm awaking with the fear
That this all might disappear
         F                                     A
But it scares me just the same to think that this
Could all remain


Bridge: (Synth Chords)
Like you're all alone 
All alone
C    E  C   Dm
All alone


Dm A F G Dm A F G Dm A F G Bb A Dm A Dm 




Dm A F G Bb A Dm
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