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Used chords: F, Bb, Ab and Gm

F Ab Bb (8x)

F                         Bb    Ab
Surely I am willing but I won't
F                              Bb   Ab
Claiming that I'll do it but I don't
F                            Bb  Ab
Knowing I'll do anything you want
F                                     Bb  Ab
Pretending that I am someone that I'm not

     F                  Bb           Ab
Good God, my mind won't let me think right
              F       Bb Ab
I know you're trouble
        F                          Bb              Ab
But I'm determined to create these things up in my head that never...
   F        Bb Ab
                   F     Ab Gm Bb
In time I've gotta choose
           F      Ab Gm Bb
Freedom or loyalty
                    F   Ab Gm Bb
Look at what you've done
          F        Ab Gm Bb
What am I gonna do?

(Verse 2, like Verse 1)

(Chorus 2, like Chorus 1)

(Break, like Intro)
F G# A# (at least 4x, when Chorus 3 starts, you can choose whether you continue 'F G# A# 
F A# G#, but note that the two forms are played in a different rythm. You'll notice yourself')

Repeatedly F
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