• Song:

    Wasted Hours

  • Artist:

    Arcade Fire

  • Album:

    The Suburbs

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Artist: Arcade Fire
Song: Wasted Hours
Album: The Suburbs

Capo 4

Intro: G

All those wasted hours we used to know
Bm               Em              C
Spent the summer staring out the window
The wind it takes you where it wants to go

First they built the road, then they built the town
Bm                     Em                C
That's why we're still driving round and round
And all we see, are kids in buses longing to be free

G                           G/B
Wasted hours, before we knew
Am       Em      G         G/B
Where to go, and what to do
Am     Em          G        Csus2
Wasted hours, that you made new
    Em     Bm                       G
And turned into, a life that we can live

Some cities make you lose your head
Bm              Em                     C
Endless suburbs stretched out thin and dead
And what was that line you said

Wishing you were anywhere but here
    Bm                    Em         C
You watch the life you're living disappear
And now I see we're still kids in buses longing to be free

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