• Song:

    Think About me

  • Artist:

    Artful Dodger

  • Album:

    It's All About The Stra...

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This is my first attempt at working out the tabs for song, its not complete but here's what I got!

B|---4----------4-3------4----------4-4h6-3------|     Repeat throughout
G|-5--5--------------5-5--5----------------------|       most of song

Accompanying guitar - begins after 2x of the above. Not 100% sure but roughly this:

e|-----------------------------                    -------------------------|
B|-----------------------------                    -------------------------|
G|------0----------------------  Can't work out    -------------------------|
D|----1--------1---------1-----  the final bar     -------------------------|
A|--3--------3-----3---3-------  of this phrase,   ----6---5-----1-6-5------|
E|---------4-------4-4---------  Something like:   --3---3---3-3------------|

There is of course much more to this song, but feel free to use as a starting point!
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