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Key: G5


Intro: G5   x2

G5 D5 E5 G5 C5  D5   x6

Verse 1:
G5 D5       E5
  Let me start this
G5      C5         D5
from the day we met
G5     D5         E5    G5
  You looked so beautiful
  C5                D5
I never will forget
G5          D5              E5
  Then you opened up your eyes
          G5           C5
looked at me and kinda smiled
I was scared but still
happy at the same time
  D5                  E5
I never wanted us to be
       G5        C5
a superficial family
But in the end it was
the only thing we could be

Chorus 1:
G5       G5 D5
  Angie I'm sorry I
             G5 G5
wasn't right for you
Just what did you
G5 D5                 G5 E5
ex  pect for me to do?
         D5    C5
You know that I would                   
                   D5   G5 D5 E5 G5 C5  D5   x2
have done anything for you

Verse 2:
G5   D5         E5     G5
  I sometimes think about
    C5              D5
how things could be
G5        D5        E5
  If you would've took
  G5        C5
a chance and moved
out here with me
G5              D5          E5
  We'd cruise along the 101
       G5        C5
in the California sun
Sing Descendents songs and
                    D5  G5
have ourselves lots of fun
Stay out drinking really
E5           G5
late stumble home
from lower State
Treat every day like it
would be our first date

E5  D5 C5  D5 G5  D5  B5  x2
G5 D5 E5 G5 C5  D5   x8

Chorus 2:
G5       G5 D5
  Angie I'm sorry that
                  G5 G5 
you weren't right for me
I guess that it just
D5                 G5 E5
wasn't meant to be
          D5 C5
I quit pre  tending you
             D5    G5 D5 E5 G5 C5  D5   x4, Am(hold) G(Hold)
were in love with me
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