• Song:

    Broken Promise Ring

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    Blue Skies, Broken Hear...

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Key: A5

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Intro: A- - E- - F#m- - D-- x2, A- - E- - F#m- - D-- x2

Verse 1:
A5                E5
  I really wanna call you
F#5                         D5
   but i know that it's not right
A5                      E5
  I probably shouldn't tell you 
F#5                          D5
   but i dreamed of you last night

B5                E(hold) D5
  I guess i'm not pre-   -pared to say
    A5               G5
Goodbye so long farewell
           F#5         D5
i won't be seeing you again
      B5             E(hold)  D5     E5
Until next time that he-     -goes away

Verse 2:
A5                      E5
  You told me that you loved me
F#5                  D5
   i started tearing down those walls
A5                     E5
  I really started to trust you 
F#5                     D5
   but you set me up to take the fall

(Repeat Chorus)

A5                  E5                 F#5
  I guess that i'm wrong for falling in love
                     D5                     A5
But you're still the one that i'm dreaming of
                  E5               F#5
I guess that it's you i want to hold onto
                   D5            A5   E5
But you're holding onto someone else
        F#5 D5
someone else
A5                  E5                 F#5 D--
  I guess that i'm wrong for falling in love

Outro: A- - E- - F#m- - D-- x3, A- - E- - F#m- - D5 - E- x2, A(hold)
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