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Tabbed by: Trelt


The acoustic version of this is just transposed up a half step/capo on the first fret

Eb5            B5
Cover me in cold light

Eb5            B5      Ab5
Wake up with a sore throat

B5         Ab5
A sore throat

Eb5             B5
Drive your car to work

Eb5          B5
Down gray highways isolate

Ab5          B5
Your pain

Ab5         B5
Your pain

--instrumental section--

E5 B5 E5 B5 F#5


Eb5         B5
You will grow to be

Eb5    B5
Untouched, unphased

Ab5           B5
By the light that changed

Ab5                   B5
By the way things change

Eb5             B5
You will grow to me

    Eb5               B5
Detached in the mirror

E5 B5 E5 B5 F#5     
Oh my god
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