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From: Jakub Habiňák Jakub1302@gmail.com
Date: July 3th, 2010
Subject: TAB Audacious: Lift your name

Gtr. Tunning: Standard

Clean guitar with continually getting gain: 

E|---000-000-111111111111111111------------------------------------| ( don´t exactly
 know about number of 11´s, idle to count, figure out by the listening of the 
song :) )

The rest is ussually the mixture of chords, I´ll explain it in advance, if 
anything is not understood, watch my cover of this song on youtube, just type the 
name of song 
and you will surely find it. Here´s promised explanation:

E|---0--(0)-(0)----0--(0)-(0)--0-(0)---0--(0)-(0)------------------| This is it, 
If you learn this pattern then you may aply it on others, again, by hearing, play the song

along with the musec from player.

Other chords are: E, am, E, Cis, am, E
interlude: d, c, A
Ref 1: E, H, A
Ref 2: E, H, A
       Cis, H, A, Cis, H, E

Think it´s all and you can figure it out by yourself with this help, if not 
comment, write to me, whatever.
Have a good play and God bless ya guys! :)

clean guitar
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