• Song:

    A Grandmothers Love

  • Artist:

    Audie Blaylock

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Capo on the 1st Fret
Beautiful Song!

AI (x02220@1)saw grandma praying
                    Das (xx0232@1)she knelt by her bed
              Aher (x02220@1)bible lay open
                       Eand (022100@1)from the pages she read

Ashe (x02220@1)talked there with Jesus
                  Dand (xx0232@1)prayed for my soul
                    Afor (x02220@1)a grandmother's love
E (022100@1)             Ais (x02220@1)greater than gold

A (x02220@1)            DA (xx0232@1)grandmothers love 
                Ais (x02220@1)greater than gold
                  DShe (xx0232@1)prays for her children
                    Ewith (022100@1)heart mind and soul
                   Dher (xx0232@1)heart can't be measured
                   Acan't (x02220@1)be bought or sold
                   Dfor (xx0232@1)a grandmothers love
E (022100@1)             Ais (x02220@1)greater than gold

It's been years since I saw her
she's past and gone on
but her bible lays open
on my table at home
It's just a reminder
She prayed for my soul
now she walks up in heaven 
on streets of pure gold

A grandmothers love 
is greater than gold
She prays for her children
with heart mind and soul
her heart can't be measured
can't be bought or sold
for a grandmothers love
is greater than gold

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