• Song:

    Sierra The Serial Killer

  • Artist:

    Austin Gibbs

Any corrections welcome =)

The strum pattern and chord progression is simple, just listen to the song and play 
along till you get the rhythm. There's a mute/thumb slap technique you can apply to keep the 
flow if you're playing solo.

Standard tuning
Capo 2nd fret

For the verses, this is the strum pattern and tablature:
(V down strum, ^ up strum, X slap)

   V V   ^ V V   ^ V V   ^ V V V V
   Em    Em      Em      Em    Em7

Em                                   Em7
Well I met Sierra at the casino bar,
Em                                                 Em7
And she said, "I have travelled on my way too far"
Em                                   Em7
Well hey Sierra, let me pick up your tab,
Em                                                             Em7
She said, "I got something to tell you boy, just don't get mad,
And I hate saying this but it was so much fun,
Oh I killed a woman back in 1991"

Em Em7

G          C              Em      C
Sierra the serial killer, Sierra
G          C              Em      C
Sierra the serial killer, Sierra
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