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My first tab here, beautiful tiny song by this young band.

Intro:  C  /  Em  /  Am/G/F  /  Em  /  Am/G/F  /  Em  /  C

C                          Em
Where's your dirty mind?

When you need it 

Am       G            F                     Em
you left that in your 8th grade suit,
                                Am   G   F
maybe some girls would think it cute,

                  Em                         C
if you put in on, show'em what you made off, yeah

I didn't figure all the chorus out, by I'm quite sure its starting with Bb, then 
F, then maybe Cm, its a four chords structure though.

The strumming is pretty obvious by listening to the song, and I'm too lazy to 
write the whole lyrics : )

Feel free to comment and correct my english.
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