• Song:


  • Artist:

    Avril Lavigne

  • Album:

    Under My Skin B-Sides

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This is only the chorus but It's sounds really good!

          A (x02220@1) EmYou're (022000@1)my Day-Dream,
DYou (xx0232@1)know that I've been thinking about you,
A (x02220@1)  EmLate-Ly, (022000@1)DAnd (xx0232@1)everytime I look at you,
CI (x32010@1)can't explain how I feel inside,
E (022100@1)          GI (320003@1)can't get away,
          A (x02220@1) EmYou're (022000@1)my Day-dream.

Hope you enjoyed! please comment and ratee!!

P.S. Avril roxX!

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