• Song:

    One Of Those Girls

  • Artist:

    Avril Lavigne

  • Album:

    The Best Damn Thing: De...

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Enjoy Avril's One Of Those Girls
from her album The Best Damn Thing...
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Intro: G-D-Em-c

G (320003@1)                      DI (xx0232@1)know your kind of girl
                           Emyou (022000@1)only care about one thing
                                    cWho (x3101x@1)you've seen or where you've been
who's got money
G (320003@1)                            DI (xx0232@1)see that looks in your eyes
                        EmIt (022000@1)tells a million lies
                           cBut (x3101x@1)deep inside I know why

You're talking to him

Em (022000@1)I know what you're all about
cI (x3101x@1)really hope he  figures it out

GShe's (320003@1)one of those girls, nothing but trouble
DJust (xx0232@1)one look and now you're seeing double
EmBefore (022000@1)you know it she'll be gone
cOff (x3101x@1)to the next one
GShe's (320003@1)so good that you wont see it comin'
DShe'll (xx0232@1)take you for a ride and you'll be left with nothing
EmYou'll (022000@1)be broken she'll be gone
cOff (x3101x@1)to the next one.

uh-uh...uh-uh..yeah yeah... uh-uuhhh....

Verse: (G-D-Em-C)
She's gonna be the end of you
at least that's what they say
Its been a while you're in denial
And now its too late
The way she looks it makes you high
All the warning sign
cause her blonde hair, her blue eyes
It makes you wanna die

i know what she's all about
I really hope he figures it out..

Repeat chorus

Em (022000@1)                                       cYou (x3101x@1)know it's a game, you know its a game
                                         GShe (320003@1)keeps playing around with your head     
                              DPlaying (xx0232@1)around with your head
Em (022000@1)                       cShe's (x3101x@1)so insane, so insane
                       GShe's (320003@1)the one to blame
                       DShe's (xx0232@1)the one to blame...

                    GOff (320003@1)to the next one....



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