• Song:

    Together Acoustic

  • Artist:

    Avril Lavigne

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Ok so im not that sure this is all right so if you have corrections or something just
or send me an email at capcom2004@hotmail.com ftw

Avril and Evan playing it (i wrote the tab according to this)

well i dont know what these chords are called so im just going to label them

1 2 3 4 ect.

G|---8---|---6---|---4---|---0---|-------|-------| only 6 chords =D
D|---8---|---6---|---4---|---2---|---4---|---6---| sorry if the 123456 thing
A|---6---|---4---|---2---|---2---|---4---|---6---| is complicated
  chord 1 chord 2 chord 3 chord 4 chord 5 chord 6
    (C1)    (C2)    (C3)     (C4)    (C5)   (C6)

for all these chords i dont think it matters if you hit all the strings or not or if you 
want to hit the top 3 strings for chord 4, whatever sounds best to you


C1    C2 (x32030@1)  C1   C2Oh (x32030@1)ohh ohh
C1    C2 (x32030@1)  C1   C3Oh (03xxxx@1)ohh ohh
C1              C2Something (x32030@1)just isn't right
C1             C2I (x32030@1)can feel it inside
C1                   C2The (x32030@1)truth isn't far behind me
C3 (03xxxx@1)      C5You (x355xx@1)can't deny
C1              C2When (x32030@1)I turn the lights out
C1            C2When (x32030@1)I close my eyes
C1          C2Reality (x32030@1)overcomes me
C3 (03xxxx@1)         C5I'm (x355xx@1)living a lie


C2 (x32030@1)           C4 (x33010@1)C3 (03xxxx@1)       C5When (x355xx@1)I'm alone I feel so much better
C2 (x32030@1)           C4 (x33010@1) C3 (03xxxx@1)      C5 (x355xx@1)    (keep hitting C5til (x355xx@1)chorus starts)
And when I'm around you, I dont feel...


C2 (x32030@1)        C4Together, (x33010@1)it doesn't feel right at all
C3 (03xxxx@1)                C5Together, (x355xx@1)together we've built a wall
C2 (x32030@1)               C4Together, (x33010@1)holding hands we'll fall
C3 (03xxxx@1)         C5Hands (x355xx@1)we'll fall

C1               C2This (x32030@1)has gone on too long

I realize what i need

Something good to rely on

Something for me

(nothing changes)


Ok so if you watched the video i put a link to, then you know what to do here if not 
you basically strum once for each chord.

    C4 (x33010@1) C5 (x355xx@1) C6My (03221x@1)heart is broken
    C4 (x33010@1)name="chord_x355xx@1">C5  C6I'm (03221x@1)lying here
    C4 (x33010@1)    C5 (x355xx@1)  C6My (03221x@1)thoughts are choking
   C4 (x33010@1)C5 (x355xx@1)C6On (03221x@1)you my dear
   C4 (x33010@1)C5 (x355xx@1)C6On (03221x@1)you my dear
   C4 (x33010@1)C5 (x355xx@1)C6 (03221x@1)On you my dear


 C2 (x32030@1)            C4When (x33010@1)I'm around you
 C3 (03xxxx@1)            C5When (x355xx@1)I'm around you
 C2 (x32030@1)            C4I (x33010@1)don't feel together
 C3 (03xxxx@1)            C5I (x355xx@1)dont feel together, no

(this whole thing here is just the chorus with different lyrics)

 C2 (x32030@1)            C4When (x33010@1)I'm around you
 C3 (03xxxx@1)            C5When (x355xx@1)I'm around you
 C2 (x32030@1)            C4I (x33010@1)don't feel together, no
 C3 (03xxxx@1)            C5I (x355xx@1)dont feel together

All done xP

ALSO...this is just Avrils part i have no idea what Evans is :P

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