• Song:

    When Youre Gone Acoustic

  • Artist:

    Avril Lavigne

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Intro: C Em (3 times) -> D  Dsus4  D  D5

Verse 1:
  G (320003@1)           D (xx0232@1)        Em (022000@1) 
I always needed time on my own         
  G (320003@1)           C (x32010@1)          Em (022000@1)         D (xx0232@1)  Dsus4 (xx0233@1)DI (xx0232@1)never thought I'd need you there when I cried
        G (320003@1)            D (xx0232@1)             EmAnd (022000@1)the days feel like years when I'm alone
        G (320003@1)           C (x32010@1)          Em (022000@1)       D (xx0232@1)Dsus2 (xx0230@1)DAnd (xx0232@1)the bed where you lie  is made up on your side

     Am7 (x02010@1)                      EmWhen (022000@1)you walk away  I count the steps that you take
          Cadd2          G (320003@1)            D (xx0232@1)Dadd2-1  D (xx0232@1)
Can't you see how much I need you right now?

            Cadd2  Em7          DWhen (xx0232@1)you're gone   pieces of my heart are missing you
            Cadd2  Em7                DWhen (xx0232@1)you're gone   the best I came to know is missing, too
            Am7 (x02010@1)              Cadd2           G (320003@1)           D (xx0232@1)       Cadd2
When you're gone the words I need to hear to always get me through the day
            D (xx0232@1)          CAnd (x32010@1)make it OK    I miss you

** Play intro **

Verse 2:
     G (320003@1)             D (xx0232@1)   Em (022000@1)   
I've never felt this way before  
     G (320003@1)          C (x32010@1)  Em (022000@1)        D (xx0232@1)  Dsus4 (xx0233@1)Deverything (xx0232@1)that I do reminds me of you
        G (320003@1)                    D (xx0232@1)        Em (022000@1)              
And the clothes you left  they lie on the floor
         G (320003@1)             C (x32010@1)              Em (022000@1)            D (xx0232@1)Dsus2 (xx0230@1)DAnd (xx0232@1)they smell just like you   I love the things that you do

** Bridge + Chorus **
C (x32010@1)              C+   C (x32010@1)                 G (320003@1)             D (xx0232@1)    B7We (x21202@1)were made for each other   out here forever  I know we were   yeah, yeah
    Em (022000@1)                      Emsus4 EmAnd (022000@1)all I ever wanted was for you to know
C (x32010@1)                       C+        CEverything (x32010@1)I do I give my heart and soul
G (320003@1)                            Gsus2 (3x0233@1)       G (320003@1)  DI (xx0232@1)can hardly breathe I need to feel you here with me  yeah

** Chorus + Intro fade-out**
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