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Day Thirteen: Sign - Ayreon

Fingerpick these chords to get it right.

Main melody:
Em    G  C  -  Em    G  Am
Em    G  C  -  Em    G  C
Am    C  D  -  Am    C  G
Am    D    G    F


Em         D   Em  G   D  
Faith has come to warn 
B        Em   D  C    G  Am         B
That you far to long forsaken her heart 

Em    D      Em
Move to the truth 
  G         D  B     Em D   C   G  Am    B
Breath the sunlight burning in her open arms 

(Main melody)

Em          D     Em
Break the chains that 
 G        D B  Em    D    C     G   Am     B
Bind you to a past that feeds this bitter days 

Em          D     Em
Seize your only chance 
G            D     B   Em D   C     G      Am        B
Follow the stars that beckon you through blackened skies 

Im pretty sure these are the chords Arjen is picking.

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