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    B Sides


CIn (x32010@1)the forest of my mind
          GI (320003@1)let you shine, I let you shine
           EmYou (022000@1)were a candle in the mist
           AmLike (x02210@1)there was no other light
        CBut (x32010@1)the times are passing by
        GAnd (320003@1)you become a stranger now
           EmAlthough (022000@1)I wanted something more
               AmI'll (x02210@1)stand and watch the stars alone

C, G, Em, Am

CIn (x32010@1)the forest of my mind
          GI (320003@1)see you become so different now
          EmAnd (022000@1)it is hard to realize
                  AmThe (x02210@1)things you're hiding in your heart
   CIn (x32010@1)another space and time
           GI (320003@1)think we could become as one
            EmBut (022000@1)now the end is coming close
      Am (x02210@1)      
And I have no strength to try

C, G, Em, Am

C (x32010@1)Even though I'm feeling down
         GI (320003@1)have a need to write you down
        EmAll (022000@1)the things I felt for you
       AmAll (x02210@1)my feelings were so true
          CBut (x32010@1)there is no need to try
          GTo (320003@1)find a path to walk on by
         EmI (022000@1)should forget about you now
             AmAnd (x02210@1)I should start to look around

C, G, Em, Am

CThere (x32010@1)must be another light
        GAnother (320003@1)chance for me to try
        EmAnother (022000@1)feeling more secure
       CI (x32010@1)have no more time to waste
    CFor (x32010@1)another pointless night
        GFor (320003@1)the pleasures of my life
         EmFor (022000@1)some empty carnal thoughts
       AmJust (x02210@1)a cum and nothing more.....

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