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Babybird - Unlovable chords
basically the same chords throughout...
capo 2

INTRO: G Em C Cadd9
GI've (320003@1)tried And you've tried You've cried And I've cried
EmI've (022000@1)lied And you've lied Together we've died
      CBut (x32010@1)sometimes
                            Cadd9Sometimes (x32030@1)it gotta stop

GI'm (320003@1)cold when you're cold I'm warm when you're warm
EmWe (022000@1)were friends We're still friends
                                          CThat's (x32010@1)all That's all
                                           Cadd9That's (x32030@1)all

G (320003@1)                                 EmYou (022000@1)can't love me I'm unlovable
     C (x32010@1)                     Cadd9But (x32030@1)baby you could try

VERSE: (same chords)
It's all good, it's not bad It's all smiles, it's not sad
There's just time to stop love
Love's gone, move on life's long


Sha la la.... (G Em C Cadd9)

GLove's (320003@1)so sweet it suffocates us Like a sickly kindly gag
                EmAnd (022000@1)we're floating down the sewer pipe Like kittens in a bag
            CAnd (x32010@1)the mirror screams to both of us That we are not alone
             Cadd9Then (x32030@1)the metaphors explode And suddenly we're home

end on G

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