• Song:

    A Little Death Around The Eyes

  • Artist:


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                                           EmA (022000@1)little death around the eyes

Take your medicine in your hotel room
                                   AmThat's (x02210@1)your medicine

Better rest on all fours
                                   CmThat's (x3101x@1)your medicine
                     Cm (x3101x@1)In a nut shell
Em (022000@1)                                                 EmYour (022000@1)boyfriend's name was Dave
                                          AmBut (x02210@1)I was bold and brave
                                     CmAnd (x3101x@1)now you're mine

        EmYou (022000@1)cook and clean and sow when I tell you to
AmDance (x02210@1)and drink and screw when I want you to
                       CmIf (x3101x@1)I ask you to

                                                 EmA (022000@1)little death around the eyes

Em (022000@1)                                              Am (x02210@1)                      CmYour (x3101x@1)boyfriend's name was Dave

you should listen to the song while playing this..........  any corrections on
this let me know ......thx   ......peace

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