• Song:

    10000 Promises

  • Artist:

    Backstreet Boys

  • Album:

    Backstreets Back

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Once we were lovers
Just lovers we were
Oh  what a lie
And once we were dreamers
Juat dreamers we were
Both you and I

Now I see you're just somebody
Who wasted my time and money
What a lie
You and I

What about your
your 10 000 promises
That you gave to me
Your 10 000 promises
that you promised me

Once I could handle the truth well
the truth was you anf I
But time after time all the
Promises turned out
To be your lies

So now, now I see your just somebody
who wasted my time and money
what a lie
you and I

You said I'll take you back
But I'll close the door
Cause I don't want 10,000 more

10,000 promises yeah
10,000 promises you gave to me

Once we were lovers
Just lovers we were
Oh, you and I
What a lie
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