• Song:

    Back to your heart

  • Artist:

    Backstreet Boys

  • Album:


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Dsus2 (xx0230@1)               AIt's (x02220@1)not that I can't live without you
G (320003@1)                    Em (022000@1) A (x02220@1)       DIt's (xx0232@1)just that I don't even want to try
                A (x02220@1)       CEvery (x32010@1)night I dream about you
            Em (022000@1)    A (x02220@1)       GEver (320003@1)since the day we said goodbye
            D (xx0232@1)          
If I wasn't such a fool
G (320003@1)              D (xx0232@1)                   
Right now I'd be holding you
G (320003@1)                      D (xx0232@1)     CThere's (x32010@1)nothing that I wouldn't do
          ABaby (x02220@1)if I only knew

D (xx0232@1)          BmThe (x24432@1)words to say
             GThe (320003@1)road to take
           A (x02220@1)                DTo (xx0232@1)find a way back to your heart
           BmWhat (x24432@1)can I do
           GTo (320003@1)get to you
            A (x02220@1)         DAnd (xx0232@1)find a way back to your heart

Dsus2 (xx0230@1)               AI (x02220@1)don't know how it got so crazy
G (320003@1)             Em (022000@1)    A (x02220@1)       DBut (xx0232@1)I'll do anything to set things right
                    A (x02220@1)        C'Cause (x32010@1)your love is so amazing
            Em (022000@1)    A (x02220@1)       GBaby (320003@1)you're the best thing in my life
            D (xx0232@1)          
Let me prove my love is real
G (320003@1)              D (xx0232@1)                   
Made you feel the way I feel
G (320003@1)                 D (xx0232@1)           CI (x32010@1)promise I would give the world
                    AIf (x02220@1)only you would tell me girl


G (320003@1)                DGive (xx0232@1)me one more chance
G (320003@1)               DTo (xx0232@1)give my love to you
G (320003@1)                    D'Cause (xx0232@1)no-one on this earth
           C (x32010@1)        ALoves (x02220@1)you like I do
Tell me 


E (022100@1)          C#mI (x13321@4)turn back time
             ATo (x02220@1)make you mine
           B (x2444x@1)                EA (022100@1)find a way back to your heart
           C#mI (x13321@4)beg and plead
            AFall (x02220@1)to my knees
            B (x2444x@1)         ETo (022100@1)find a way back to your heart

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