• Song:

    Happily Never After

  • Artist:

    Backstreet Boys

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Capo 2

D: 000232
Asus: 002233
G: 320033
Emadd9: 022033

D (xx0232@1)                        AsusI (x02230@1)don't think I want this anymore," 
G (320003@1)                          Emadd9       AsusAs (x02230@1)she drops the ring to the floor.
D (xx0232@1)                                Asus (x02230@1)She says to herself, "You've left before,"
 G (320003@1)                                      Emadd9                Asus"This (x02230@1)time you will stay gone, that's for sure."  

D (xx0232@1)                         
And he shattered something else 
             AsusTo (x02230@1)drag her suitcase down the path,
         GTo (320003@1)the driveway. 
        Emadd9          AsusShe (x02230@1)had never gone that far. 

         D (xx0232@1) 
Normally this would be 
     Asusthe (x02230@1)time that she 
      G (320003@1)                
would let him talk her out of leaving, 
But this time, without crying,
        Asusas (x02230@1)she got into her car, she said, 

D"No (xx0232@1)
         Asus'Happily (x02230@1)Never After' 
GThat (320003@1)just ain't for me. 
Emadd9   Asus
Because finally,
   DI (xx0232@1)know 
          Asus (x02230@1)         G (320003@1)         AsusI (x02230@1)deserve better, after all
                                 DI'll (xx0232@1)never let another teardrop fall." 

Rest of verses same as above!!!

As she drove away she starts to smile, (yeah) 
Realized she hadn't for a while. 
No destination, she drove for miles 
Wondering why she stayed in such denial. 

She was laughing about the way he shattered something else (shattered something else) 
To drag her suitcase down the path, 
to the driveway (to the driveway), 
she had never gone that far (oh, no) 
Normally this would be, the time that she (yeah) 
would let him talk her out of leaving, but this time, without crying, 
as she got into her car, she said, 

'Happily Never After' 
That just ain't for me 
(that just ain't for me) 
Because finally, 
I know I deserve better 
After all 
(that just ain't for me, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah) 
I'll never let another teardrop fall." 

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