• Song:

    My Beautiful Woman

  • Artist:

    Backstreet Boys

  • Album:

    Never Gone + Dvd

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I suppose you can use the basic chords here, but I prefer the bar chords, and sliding
between them - that sounds a bit cooler, plus it's a lot less moving of the fingers ;)
Please rate and/or comment if you think there should be made any changes (or just post
your own version of it)

Listen to the song to catch the cool rhythm of the chords in this song.

Dm: x57765
Gm: 355333
Bb: 688766
A:  577655

Intro:  Dm 

Dm"How (xx0231@1)can I begin to "
Gm"..I (355333@1)know that there's no use in.."
Dm"but (xx0231@1)still I'm not complaining.."

Dm"let's (xx0231@1)not talk about a possible ending"

2nd and 3rd verses are the same as the  1st verse

Bb"let's (x1333x@1)not talk about a 
Gmpossible (355333@1)ending"
Bb"let's (x1333x@1)not talk about it 
Gmevery (355333@1)day"
BbAnd (x1333x@1)I know
AI'm (x02220@1)so
DmIn (xx0231@1)love
GmWith (355333@1)you
BbI'm (x1333x@1)finding it 
Aharder (x02220@1)and harder to 
GmBreathe (355333@1)I'm near
BbMy (x1333x@1)beautiful 
AWoman (x02220@1)Dm (xx0231@1)

DmB (xx0231@1)is for beautiful 
Gmas (355333@1)the sun-
Ashine (x02220@1)
DmE (xx0231@1)tells me everything 
Gmis (355333@1)feelin' 
Bbalright (x1333x@1)
BbA (x1333x@1)goes to you and me 
Aswingin' (x02220@1)it 
DmTight (xx0231@1)Bb - Dm
T is to 
Bb - A
I want you 
You've got me actin' like a fool (you can either hold A here or just mute the strings,
I'm not sure which sounds better)

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