• Song:

    Never Gone

  • Artist:

    Backstreet Boys

  • Album:

    Never Gone + Dvd

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   Never Gone.
                     Backstreet Boys
(written by Kevin Richardson/Gary Baker/Steve Diamond) 
                     Pham Hong Y

I really miss you
There's something that I gotta say

F (133211@1)                           Dm (xx0231@1)  
The things we did, the things we said
Bb (x1333x@1)                               CKeep (x32010@1)coming back to me and make me smile again
F (133211@1)                           DmYou (xx0231@1)showed me how to face the truth
Bb (x1333x@1)                               CEverything (x32010@1)that's good in me I owe to you 

F (133211@1)                           DmThough (xx0231@1)the distance that's between us
Bb (x1333x@1)                 CNow (x32010@1)may seem to be too far
F (133211@1)                 DmIt (xx0231@1)will never separate us
Bb (x1333x@1)                   CDeep (x32010@1)inside I know you are ...

F (133211@1)              Dm (xx0231@1)Never gone, never far
Bb (x1333x@1)                  CIn (x32010@1)my heart is where you are
F (133211@1)               DmAlways (xx0231@1)close, everyday
Bb (x1333x@1)               CEvery (x32010@1)step along the way
Dm (xx0231@1)                Am (x02210@1)                 DmEven (xx0231@1)though for now we've got to say goodbye
Dm (xx0231@1)     Am (x02210@1)       C (x32010@1)         DmI (xx0231@1)know you will be forever in my life
        FNever (133211@1)gone 

F (133211@1)                       DmI (xx0231@1)walk alone these empty streets
Bb (x1333x@1)                            CThere (x32010@1)is not a second you're not here with me
F (133211@1)                                 DmThe (xx0231@1)love you gave, the grace you've shown
Bb (x1333x@1)                                CWill (x32010@1)always give me strength and be my cornerstone 

F (133211@1)                 DmSomehow (xx0231@1)you found a way
Bb (x1333x@1)                     CTo (x32010@1)see the best I have in me
F (133211@1)                 DmAs (xx0231@1)long as time goes on
Bb (x1333x@1)                        CI (x32010@1)swear to you that you will be 

(Repeat chorus) 

FNever (133211@1)gone from me
F (133211@1)                      DmIf (xx0231@1)there's one thing I believe (I believe)
Bb (x1333x@1)                                   CI (x32010@1)will see you somewhere down the road again 

(Repeat chorus) 

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