• Song:

    No One Else Come Close

  • Artist:

    Backstreet Boys

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intro c-am-f-g
c (x3101x@1)                  am     f (133111@1)           gas (355333@1)we turn out the lights  the two of us alone together
c (x3101x@1)                 am    f (133111@1)                   e (022000@1)            am     
something just not right but girl you know that i would never ever let 
e (022000@1)            g (355333@1)              d (xx0231@1)       f (133111@1)                d (xx0231@1)another touch come between the two of us coz no one else will ever take your
gplace (355333@1)chorus:
                  f (133111@1)      g (355333@1)                 c (x3101x@1)              am
no one else come close to you no one makes me feel the way you do
                 f (133111@1)     g (355333@1)                  c (x3101x@1)        am            f (133111@1)  
your so special girl to me and you'll always be eternally everytime i hold 
g (355333@1)              c (x3101x@1)                     am   g (355333@1)       f (133111@1)                 
near you always say the words i love to hear girl with touch you could do  
    g (355333@1)                    cso (x3101x@1)much no one else come close
paulit ulit lng un

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