• Song:

    Trouble Is

  • Artist:

    Backstreet Boys

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Intro: D-G-C-G-D-Bm-C

D (xx0232@1)  G (320003@1) 	       C (x32010@1)  GHow (320003@1)come you never know what you got
              D (xx0232@1) 
until it's gone 
    G (320003@1)       C (x32010@1)	GToo (320003@1)bad because I never felt so good with anyone
D (xx0232@1)   Bm (x24432@1)             CHow (x32010@1)fooled was I into thinking
           GI (320003@1)was gonna be alright
Okay, fine

G (320003@1)                           DSo (xx0232@1)everyday I try a little harder to forget
Bm (x24432@1)        ELie (022100@1)here convince myselfy
 GTomorrow (320003@1)will be better


D (xx0232@1)              Em (022000@1)                   GThe (320003@1)trouble is I can't get her out of my mind
                 G (320003@1)    
When I close my eyes at night  
  D (xx0232@1)           EmWho's (022000@1)gonna save me
      G (320003@1)       D (xx0232@1)        Em (022000@1)              
Now she's gone, the trouble is there's a part
            G (320003@1)         
That still can't let go of her memory
Em (022000@1)                   G (320003@1)And now I know what it is
A (x02220@1)                 D-Bm-C-G
Love is what the trouble is

D (xx0232@1)     GHow (320003@1)come she said
           C (x32010@1)
You never wear your heart
              DWhere (xx0232@1)I can see
    G (320003@1)  CToo (x32010@1)Bad, cause now I'm the one, who's sorry
D (xx0232@1)    Bm (x24432@1)         C (x32010@1)
How stupid was I into thinking
        GI (320003@1)was gonna be alright

G (320003@1)                           DSo (xx0232@1)everyday I find a little something
To remind me
Bm (x24432@1)         ENo (022100@1)matter, how I try...
     G (320003@1)   
I can't put the past behind me

(repeat chorus)

F# (244322@1)Bm (x24432@1)          
Love has let me go
 A (x02220@1)             GI'm (320003@1)alright, I'm okay
    D (xx0232@1)           Em-A
I'll be fine, give it time
(repeat chorus)

Em (022000@1)                 GAnd (320003@1)now I know what is its
    A (x02220@1)                    D-Bm-C-G
Cause love is what the trouble is 
The trouble
D (xx0232@1)           Bm-C          GLove (320003@1),..Love is what the trouble is

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