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backyard babies - nomadic @ backyard babies / 2008

there are only chords, without solo, sorry
original tonality has that chords on standart tune (E A D G H E)

intro: Cm - one - two - three - four - Cm

                             D#  A#        Cm
i guess it's time to make it easier on ourselves
                       D#      A#        Cm
is it time to let our feelings have their ways?
                            D#  A#      Cm
i know this time i won't do anything at all
                       G#   D#              A#
this time i'll let the fire burn out of control

(the same)

i get a feeling i can make it on my own
like it's meant to be my kingdom and my throne
but i can only make it last a little more
if i'd only let that fire burn out of control


so c'mon now

Cm      G#           D#       A#            Cm
nomadic you, nomadic me. i'm walking on my knees
        G#           D#     A#              G#
nomadic you, nomadic me. a lot of things to see
i got a ticket for a nowhere ride,
A#                   G#
everyday i've been a bit outside
D#      A#
nomadic you

we're so not related i'm so scared of heights
thats why i never learned to walk into the lights
i know it's time to say again you'll never send me back
now it's history, but the fire burned out of control


F                     A#
like if i was just nobody
would i still be such a mess
     C                   F
if i would i'd never confess
and there's you with all your sorrowns
all those tears behind blackened eyes
    C                         A#
you hide behind your fake disguise
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