Band: Bad Astronaut
Song: Not a Dull Moment
Album: Houston, We Have A Drinking Problem

Particularly easy...the guy who did this before me had the wrong key. so i decided to make one

A                              D      
I remember well the smell of tequila
A                                  C#m
One bed, one bath, two months with Steph
Drinkin' up the sunrise 
Then sleep till eight at night
A                                D Dsus     D
I had a ten day birthday till Thanksgiving
A                             C# F# A D
We burnt the bird and hit the road
                E                   A
Blur in stereo, sonic bookmarks and bad scenes
               C#      F#      E            D           E
But not a dull moment, I barely miss living in Los Angeles
A                             D
Only took a week to start the warfare
A                        C# F# A D
Eccentric neighbors on welfare
                                   E (distortion comes in)
The turntable spun to the beat of pounding on the walls
A                                  D
We'd sink another drink with Billy Idol
A                                  C#m
Have sloppy sex on the living room floor
  D                                  E
A whirlwind of simple pleasure principal
Principles are gone
It's not a dull moment
F#       E           D               E                F#
I barely miss living in that selfish bliss with Steph
      D               A          E
And I always have the past to be warned
F#    D               A              E
And I always knew the last laugh was more
G         C#                  D            E
And I can taste the gold ring tarnish in my mouth
F#           G
And I need a drink to wash it out

It's not a dull moment

I barely miss living in that state of filth
So I cleaned the yard, the yard, the yard
Mow the lawn, scrub the stained rug

So what? It's safe and sound I have found


easy enough rite?
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