• Song:

    These Changes

  • Artist:

    Bad Lieutenant

  • Album:

    Never Cry Another Tear

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I woke up

at the sun rise

      F                 G
and I took a walk outside

      Am          C
was alone at the roadside

         F              G
yeh the futures open wide

here it comes

rushing through me

        F            G
like a river to the sea

I got lost

in the colours

        F               G
many shades deeper than me

F            Am
so how long these changes

C              G               
the long light reaches out of sight

F           Am
got lost in the great tide

          C                G
of what I want and what is right


Am     G        C           F
Can't stop this world from changing

Am      G    C      F
I don't know if I'm wrong or right

Am        G  C          F
Some days it won't stop raining

Am           G        C         F
it's not all there in black and white

Am    G         C           F
can't stop this world from changing
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