• Song:

    Fall In A River

  • Artist:

    Badly Drawn Boy

  • Album:

    The Hour Of The Bewilde...

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My last tab got slated so reluctant to submit this, but one doesn't exist so 
thought I'd give it a go... 

D               C    G
Don't ask me where to
G           [ch]B#m[/ch]  F#m
Fall in a river
F#m      [ch]B#m[/ch]   G
I might deliver
G                 D
You all the way home

D               C  G  
I guess you think I'm
G                [ch]B#m[/ch]   F#m
stupid Or something
F#m           [ch]B#m[/ch]    G
But that's a good thing
G        D
That's OK
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